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·      We are pilots, experimental aircraft builders, and aviation fans from mid-Missouri.

·      We are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization and a chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

·      We meet at Jefferson City Memorial Airport, terminal building on the 2nd Mon. of the month at 6 pm. Visitors welcome!

·      We host Young Eagles events, Eagle Flights for adults interested in aviation, and airport fly-ins.


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President: Philip Bos, Bos@aerobiz.org, 660-441-4426


Vice Pres.: Chet Hartley, chethartley1@mchsi.com, 573-645-0534


Secretary: Michael Eberle, michael@the-eberles.net, 417-533-2838


Treasurer: Eddy Neuhart, meneuhart@hotmail.com, 573-619-2963


Webmaster & Librarian: William R. (Bill) Elliott, eaa429bill@gmail.com, 573-291-5093


Chap. Coordinator: Christopher Ward, wardeucha1@aol.com, 918-850-2353


Events Coordinator: vacant


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Aviation Chat & EAA 429 Bulletin Boards New!


Phillips Field Fly-in, MO23, California, MO


Phillips Field, MO23, California, MO


Library page


EAA 429 on Facebook


2015 page


2014 page


Chris Ward’s CH 750 project (slide show)


Tour of Wes Stricker’s Flying Tigers Hangar (slide show)


Experimental Aircraft Association


Bill Elliott’s batplane


Dennis Sapp’s CH-701


Paul Shadwick’s Cabin Eagle project





July 11, Mon., 6:30-9 pm, EAA Chap 429 meeting


Featured Event: Fred Schieszer will speak on the Charles Taylor engine that powered the Wright Flier.

KJEF terminal bldg. meeting room

Food served at 6:30, program at 7:00.

Bring a friend and young people interested in aviation, and/or mechanics for a great evening!

July 25-31


Airventure 2016!

KOSH, Whitman Airport, Oshkosh, WI



Sept. 3 or 10? (date not announced yet)

Lincoln Fly-in

0R2, Lincoln Muni, MO

Usually a pancake breakfast, door prizes, lunch, lots of planes


Sept. 23 & 24 (Friday & Saturday



Zenith Open Hangar event!

Hog roast, live band, flour bulls-eye drop

KMYJ, Mexico, MO, Airport






Oct 1, Sat, 8 am – 2 pm [Date changed from Oct 15 to Oct 1]

EAA 429 Fly-in and Young Eagles Rally, for ages 8-18!

KJEF, Jefferson City Memorial Airport

Pancake breakfast, general aviation fly-in, and perhaps some special aircraft





Meet Our President, Phil Bos!



Dr. Phil Bos was elected EAA Chapter 429 President at our January meeting and Awards Banquet. He has a professional background in aviation and aviation business. He is an adjunct instructor (online) for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide, and he owns Aerobiz, a consulting firm. He ran an FBO in Indiana and has written lots of papers on aviation management and safety. He also holds a commercial pilot ticket with over 3000 hours, and has had Inspection Authorization since 1981. He did his MS at the University of Central Missouri’s Aviation Department and taught there. His PhD is from Capella University in Minneapolis. He has taught widely. Just ask Phil and he’ll tell you stories of his years as a pilot, mechanic, IA, professor, and businessman. He also wants to know all about our chapter and has good ideas for educational projects. Welcome, Phil!!


Contact him at Philip Bos, Bos@aerobiz.org, 660-441-4426




At Our June 13 Meeting…


We decided to switch our fall fly-in, open house, and Young Eagles Event to Oct 1, 2016! Don Halbert gave a good talk on Light Sport Aircraft. Thanks to Don Fischer and Bob Gumm for providing the good ham sandwiches, pasta salad, and cookies.


June 18th Open Hangar Day at Zenith Aircraft [see our calendar above and on our Aviation Chat bulletin board]


Zenith Aircraft will be hosting its ninth annual "Fly in to Summer" Open Hangar Day and Fly-In Gathering at the Zenith Aircraft kit factory in central Missouri on Saturday, June 18. This will be a fun gathering of Zenith builders, flyers, and enthusiasts, and is an informal grass-roots fly-in gathering open to all aviation enthusiasts:


Come visit the kit aircraft factory, see the new Zenith demo planes, and meet with fellow EAA'ers, builders and pilots. In contrast to our annual fall Open Hangar Day (with scheduled workshops and forums), the June event is very informal and unstructured. (Note that our two-day Open House in September will be our 25th annual event and we have many new social and flying activities planned, as well as new seminars and workshops. September 23 & 24, 2016)


The Zenith Aircraft factory will be open from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm for self-guided factory tours. Attached are flyers for printing and/or emailing, as well as a few photos for your website or newsletter.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the event, and thank you for sharing this with aviation enthusiasts!


Sebastien Heintz, owner and president,

Zenith Aircraft Company



Zenith Aircraft Company: www.zenithair.com

Zenith Builders and Flyers: www.zenith.aero

Zenith on Facebook:  facebook.com/zenithair


Zenith Aircraft magazine: http://j.mp/zenith-magazine


June 4th Phillips Field Fly-in


We had a beautiful day out at Phillips Field, MO23, near California, MO. Planes began arriving about 10 am and continued until about lunchtime. A big lunch of pulled pork and many sidee dishes was served to about 50 attendees. Twelve or 13 planes were on the ground and we got a buzz job by a T6, which was exciting. A couple of pilots provided some mild aerobatics after lunch. Thanks for coming out!!


FOR SALE: Looking for a fun, stylish light sport aircraft? Bill Elliott is selling his Challenger II plane and hangar at Phillips Field, California, MO.  See details at his website at http://mocavelife.com/batplane/index.htm





May 7 Event Did Not Happen: Our planned Young Eagles Rally at Fulton Airport, in concert with the fly-in and pancake breakfast, did not happen because of a communications failure. We confirmed May 7 twice, we thought, but apparently the fly-in and pancake breakfast was re-scheduled for May 14 and no one told us about it. Sorry to everyone who tried to participate but went home disappointed. We ccould not be there on May 14.


New roster and minutes: EAA Chap 429 members should access the private Members Only page to see the new Excel roster and April minutes, thanks to Sec. Michael Eberle.


11 April 2016 meeting at KJEF:


Members met at the Jefferson City Airport at 6:30 and we had Champs Chicken, 2 kinds of potato salad, and dessert. The meeting was at 7 pm followed by Bill Elliott’s live demonstration of our new bulletin board system, linked to our website. We tested the SMF server program that runs the two bulletin boards we have: Aviation Chat (open to the public) and EAA 429 business (for paid and honorary EAA 429 members only). After a few weeks of testing by Bill Elliott and Philip Bos, we decided to remove the outer password protection for Aviation Chat, but one still has to register, fill out a form, and pick a private password to get in. The administrator (Bill Elliott) sets the permissions and can reconfigure the boards as needed.


The interactive calendar will be the most popular aspect of the two boards. We hope that anyone interested in Aviation, including businesses and FAA, will register for Aviation Chat, and get some discussion going about fly-ins, building planes, and sharing knowledge. To register you must agree to the rules, which prohibit rude or crude language or mining the board for personal information. We must know who you really are and where you live, no obscure nicknames.


We also watched the March EAA national chapter video, which is always good.


14 March 2016 meeting at Linn Tech:


Members met at the Chop House Restaurant in Linn for dinner before the program. About 30 folks came to Linn Tech for a tour of the aviation program, led by Department Chairman, Robert (Robbie) Grosvenor. Our President Phil Bos’ photos below show the large hangar where most of the A&P (airframe and powerplant mechanic) education takes place. Robbie has his elbow on the Cessna. The mock-up is a WWII Navy fighter with wooden bulkheads and a small radial engine. Phil Bos answered powerplant questions too. Dayton Shepherd and his wife attended from Mexico, MO, EAA Chapter 1225, along with Kingdom Pilots Association Pres., Brian Rhodes, and his nephew Bradley Rhodes (10). Ben Scott, our Flight Scholar from Jefferson City High School, was there with his mom and dad.









9 March 2016:


From: Rebecca Riley [mailto:zenithairrr@gmail.com] 

Hi Phil,
The Zenith Open Hangar event is scheduled for September 23 & 24 (Friday & Saturday). This is our 25th annual and we are adding some new activities in and extending the time to go into Saturday night with a hog roast and live band here that night. I wanted to touch base with you on a couple things. We are going to plan a flour bulls-eye drop activity. Does any of your members have experience with this activity and would there be anyone that may want to help us by heading it up during the event? Also, we will be in need of various volunteers for other activities during the day (airplane show, STOL Competition, Camping Host, Binder Building, Cleco/Riveting Contest, Hog Roasting...feel like I should be saying and a partridge in a pear tree. Will you ask your chapter members if they would like to volunteer? We would appreciate any help you could offer.
Rebecca Riley
Zenith Aircraft Company
Zenith Aircraft Company: www.zenithair.com
Zenith Builders and Flyers: www.zenith.aero
Zenith on Facebook:  facebook.com/zenithair
Zenith Aircraft magazine: http://j.mp/zenith-magazine



6 March 2016:


Bill Elliott has installed a new online EAA 429 Bulletin Board system for our paid and honorary members. See the link in the block above. This board is password-protected. Members may go there, register for the board, and be able to post messages and add or edit events on the group calendar! Bill will send out the password in an email. We hope you enjoy using it—it’s like giving control of a part of this website to the members!


25 Feb 2016:


Pilots—be vigilant!  Follow-up on drone report:  In early Feb 2016 a private drone caused a problem at JEF airport. It was first sighted by the controller on duty in our control tower shortly after sunset.  He actually couldn’t see the drone clearly, only the light(s) that was/were flashing on it.  It was proceeding along Highway 63, on the west side of the highway, and it apparently made several passes back and forth. An aircraft was on final, but the pilot couldn’t see the drone either.  From what the controller could see, it appeared to be fairly close to the aircraft. With the controller’s help the pilot diverted. The police were called, but they never saw the drone or found the drone pilot. I wonder if someone was controlling the drone from the city parks and sports fields across Highway 54 from the airport. Thanks to the JEF controllers and airport manager Ron Craft for this info; they do a good job for us.  Bill Elliott


Burt Rutan’s Skigull.  Excerpt from Air & Space/Smithsonian, which you can read as a Nook ebook for free via our Missouri River Regional Library. See MO River Regional Library ebooks  You don’t have to own a Nook. Get a free Nook reading app for your tablet or computer by searching the internet.





8 Feb 2016: Phil and Sandy Bos served us sloppy joes, potato salad, beans, cookies, and brownies at 6:00 pm. Eddy Neuhart brought the water and sodas. Our meeting began at 7:00 with a guest speaker, Donald Halbert, FAASTeam: “What an Aircraft Owner/Operator should expect from their mechanic.” Don spoke to us last year and we hope he comes back to speak about LSA (light sport aircraft). Our meeting was attended by 25: Richard Allen, Simon Allen, Dennis "Fritz" Bening, Andrey Bezmelnitsyn, Philip Bos, Ron Craft, Lanny Crawford, Michael Eberle, William R. Elliott, Don Fischer, Ted H. Forester, Robert Gumm, Donald Halbert (speaker), Chet Hartley, Charlie Koester, John Koonce, Loran Maloney, Eddy Neuhart, Tom Scheppers, Stewart Strong, James Strong II, Mike L. Sullivan, and Gerald Wood. See the minutes posted on the Members only page. Photos are below.


We also heard that a private drone recently got in the way of an airplane coming in on final to runway 12 at Jefferson City Airport. I think the pilot had to divert. Watch out pilots!


Interesting video links from Don Fischer, Dale Carlson, and Lanny Crawford:   Video: F-16 Drone         Radial engine made of wood





Our 8 Feb. 2016 meeting at the Jefferson City Airport terminal.



Don Halbert from FAA was our speaker. Thanks Don!






New member Andrey Bezmelnitsyn is building a                                                                New member Loran Maloney is a private pilot

Zenith 750.                                                                                                                                    now into ultralights.



11 Jan 2016: We held our annual Awards Banquet and meeting at Nick's Family Restaurant, Jefferson City Memorial Airport. See the photos below!


Service awards were given to Christopher and Victoria Ward, Bill Elliott, and in absentia to Eddy Neuhart. John Koonce, our outgoing President, was thanked for his service. We had a short meeting and elected Dr. Philip Bos (pronounced "boss") as our new President. We will have his biography on the website soon. Michael Eberle was elected as Secretary.


We had the good fried chicken, ham, fixins, and ice cream. Thanks to the Nick's staff!


We had four after-dinner speakers: Robert Helms on UL Power engines (with a display engine in the hall), Rebecca Riley from Zenith about Chapters and Flying Clubs working together, and Dave Doherty, Pres. of EAA Chap. 32 in St. Louis, based at St. Charles County/Smartt Airport, on their Spirits of Aviation Flying Club, LLC. Phil Bos spoke about how he'd like to do new things this year in Chap. 429, including maybe building a plane and creating a flying club.





Rachel Busche thanked Christopher Ward for

working with the Cub Scouts, who got a tour of the                                                   Victoria and Christopher Ward were recognized by President John Koonce as our

Zenith factory and helped pull rivets on a wing for                                                                hard-working YE Coordinators!

a Zenith 750 Cruzer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Bill Elliott, triple-crown winner for web editor, newsletter editor, and secretary.                                              Left to right: Rebecca Riley, Dave Doherty, new Pres. Philip Bos, and Sandy Bos.





More shots from the banquet…








Dave Doherty on his Flying Club.                                                                                                                   Robert Helms of UL Power has ideas for involving youth in our chapter.



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